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Welcome to the Morrow's Academy Website and Blog

This is our new website and blog, where we will feature news about our school and the students and people who are part of our martial arts family.

I hope you visit often, because we hope to change things up a lot. You will find new training tips, videos and photos of martial techniques, diet and nutrition tips, and information to help you get stronger and more fit.

If you are a student at our school, or if you have an interest in martial arts, this is your site. My goal is to provide information and instruction that will help you become a stronger person, both emotionally and physically.

We practice martial arts for many reasons, and our reasons sometimes change as we get deeper into our practice. Some people start with the goal of learning self-defense skills, and then it becomes part of their life that guides their self-discipline and teaches them how to set and achieve goals in their personal and professional lives.

For others, martial arts can help them learn to ride the ups and downs of life, giving them an internal foundation of strength that they can call upon in times of crisis.

For all of us, it is a wonderful journey, and it only takes one step at a time. If you have not yet begun your journey, take that step and call me today to set up a free introductory private lesson. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

If you are a former student who finds something missing in your life now, our door is always open.

Regardless of your relationship with our school, I hope you visit this site often.

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