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Veteran Suicide: Raising Awareness with Push-Ups on December 22, 2022

Not many people know that my father, Loren Morrow, was a Navy veteran who died by suicide. Across America, an average of 22 veterans kill themselves each day. Since 2001, more military veterans have died from suicide than have been killed in combat.

On December 22, 2022, at 2:20 p.m., I am going to do 22 push-ups each minute for 22 minutes to honor veterans and raise awareness about the problem of veteran suicide.

I'm asking any of my friends who care about this issue to donate $22 to the "What's Your 22?" campaign. The money raised will be used for projects and programs for the Quad Cities Student Veteran Advocacy Group. Four Quad-Cities colleges are teaming up for this effort. You can drop your donation off at our martial arts academy and make checks out to Black Hawk College. On the memo line write "What's your 22?"

As you can imagine, I feel very deeply about this issue. Feel free to stop by the Academy on December 22 around 2:00 to watch or to do push-ups with me as we do our 22.


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